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We integrate fiscal tools with community living resources to empower people of all ages across all types of disabilities to reach their potential.

The 21st Century Cures Act requires states to use EVV for personal care and supportive home care services by May 1, 2023. EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification and is a system that uses technology to verify that authorized services were provided. EVV is required for ALL non-live-in caregivers.  Caregivers use an app or website to electronically record the start and end times of each shift they work (also called a visit).

IMPORTANT: The caregiver is required to use EVV to get paid and NO LONGER submit timesheets to Fiscal Assistance (FA).

What We Do

Fiscal Assistance offers Representative Payee Services as well as Employer Agent Services to individuals with long term care needs or disabilities.

Employer Agent (EA) Services

We help you easily & legally hire caregivers of your choice. Explore how self-directed services can enable an independent life.

Representative Payee Services

We manage your Social Security or SSI benefits on your behalf. We receive your bills, write checks, and provide annual reporting to the Social Security Administration to help you maintain your eligibility.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide our day-to-day operations and communications:

  1. Quality

    We provide the highest quality fiscal supports to people with disabilities and aging adults, their families and support teams.  We strive for excellence in everything we do.

  1. Collaboration

    We know that the key to a member’s success in independent living is the collaboration among the support team, so we provide the fiscal tools to assist in making those decisions.

  1. Kindness & Respect

    We believe each member is an individual and deserves the right to live in dignity and thrive in the mainstream of society.

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