A basic routine after school. Getting her inside the house. If she has a jacket or sweatshirt, you’ll need to remove it from her. Dressing. Yes, Madison does require assistance in getting her dress. She’s not able to do anything due to low muscle tone. Take her to the bathroom in her bedroom. Toileting: She does require someone to lift her up from her wheelchair and take her to her own toilet. And, she also uses a special one with sides since she’s not able to hold herself up. She will fall over. The adult also needs to wipe her when done.
. Snack. Eating: She does require plastic utensils since they are the lightest weight. And, will try but she easily tired after the 2nd bite. And, this is by her scooping a spoonful of berries or yogurt. Does not eat anything that is hard to chew or swallow due to swallowing. Does not have the strength to push it down her through

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