Rep Payee Services

How We Can Help

Social Security Administrations (SSA) Representative Payee Program provides financial management for the Social Security and SSI payments of its beneficiaries who are unable to manage their benefits.

Fiscal Assistance, Inc. is able to provide professional and courteous service because of the creativity, training and dedication of our staff to the people we serve. We have a strong commitment to improve the financial lives of all the individuals that we serve.

A monthly fee may be charged based on guidelines provided by the Social Security Administration and may be adjusted at the beginning of each year.

As Rep Payee, Fiscal Assistance, Inc. will:

Receive your SSA benefits on your behalf and pay for your current needs, such as housing, food, medical expenses and more.

Establish a monthly budget detailing your expenses and adjust as necessary.

Work closely with you and your care team to ensure current living expenses & needs are met.

Track account balances for SSI beneficiaries to ensure eligibility for all SSA programs

Offer pay card for members personal spending allowance when a bank account isn’t available.

Establish a monthly budget detailing your expenses and adjust as necessary.

Provide a statement each month, including income, expense details and end of month balance.

Complete needed paperwork and reports to SSA to maintain eligibility for benefits.

How to Obtain a Rep Payee

If you have a client that may need a payee you can learn more about Who Needs a Payee or you can find additional resource information at the SSA website. If it is determined that the client does need a payee the following steps outline the process for obtaining a payee.

  1. Complete a FA New Client Enrollment Form. This gives FA current information about your demographics, finances, your care team and all pertinent information for FA to assist you in the best way possible. Make sure all applicable fields are completed.

  2. Complete and sign the Consent to Release Information. This is used for FA to obtain and/or exchange information for the purpose of planning for your well-being.

  3. Read and sign the Client Agreement. This is only for those without a Managed Care Organization, confirming you read and agree with the terms of FA becoming your representative payee.  This will allow for a successful relationship with FA.

  4. Complete the Physician’s Contact Information Form – only if you have not had a payee before. Social Security would like to contact your Physician to ensure that having a payee is the right choice for you. This will help them get in touch with them easier.
  5. Complete Form SSA-827 – only if you have not had a payee before. This will allow your doctor to talk to SSA to determine if you are in need of a payee.
  6. Mail or fax all documents to:
    Fiscal Assistance Inc.
    4646 S. Biltmore Lane
    Madison, WI 53716
    Fax: (608) 846-3412
    Fax: 844.650.1968 (Toll Free)

    You may also contact Fiscal Assistance, Inc. directly at 855.201.4230.  Once the application is submitted to the Social Security Administration, you will be contacted to see if this is the best fit for you.  They may contact you via phone or mail.  You must respond for the application to be processed.

Questions? Contact Us.

We welcome your communication!  If you would like more information about our programs or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Partnering with FA was critical to the growth of the SDS program in Dane County. The flexibility to meet the needs of the system while maintaining the personal contact with our participants allowed the program to grow from 25 participants to 1200.

Dan Rossiter, Dane County Human Services (ret.)